Mighty Warrior

Mighty Warrior

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One Main Truth:  The Fewer the Resources the Great Glory to God

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1 GAME: Small Relay Race

Game / Bible / Life Connection:  In the Game The Smaller Team Won the Game / In the Bible The Smaller Army Won the Victory / In your Life The Fewer Resources the Greater Glory to God

This is Step 1

    1. Make two lines of players [Coach it is important to have one line much longer, more players, than the other line].
      2. Ask all the smaller students to line up into one line and have all the taller players line up in the other line. Ask the fast players to line up in the line with the taller players.
      3. [Coach before you start the race make sure the smaller slower players are in the shorter line.  Example the smaller player line should be 10 students and the faster taller          player should be over 20 players]. Explain the players will run to the other side touch a spot then come back and tag the next player in the line. After running go to the end      of your line and sit down.
      4. The line with the smaller slower players will win every time! Because there are fewer, less number, of players in that line.
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2 BIBLE DISCOVERIES: Gospel & Truth - Judges 7

 Game / Bible / Life Connection:    In the Game The Smaller Team Won the Game / In the Bible The Smaller Army Won the Victory / In your Life The Fewer Resources the Greater Glory to God

The classroom: It was noisy! All the children were out of control! The teacher shouted but no one listened. The teacher then appointed a new class captain to take care of the class. Her name was Guddii. She was the child with the good conduct badge. Would Guddi be able to manage the class and bring in the trophy for best class at the end of the year? Guddi couldn’t believe she could do it. She was the smallest and youngest in her class and feared taking responsibility. She sincerely prayed at home that night.

“Dear God. You are everywhere. You are always watching us. Please help me the way you helped Gidion, Lord! He too was in doubt about his capabilities when he was chosen to save Israel from the evil hands of the Midianites and Amalekites after Deborah and Barak’s death. Yes, you sent seven years of hardship upon the Israelites, for is behaving just like the children in my class! But, you also sent your angel to show Gidion the way to save his people. He too was like me, the smallest and youngest in his family. But you made him a warrior! Please help me God.  Make me a warrior. Amen.”

The next day was difficult. Guddi’s mind was full of doubt just like Gidion’s. She never asked God to show her miracles the way Gidion did. Gideon had asked God to prove his presence with signs. His offering of a young goat was consumed by a fire. Upon God’s command he then destroyed the altar of Baal and built an altar for the Lord, with the help of ten people. Then God also sent him a sign where Gidion placed a piece of wool on the floor, and there was dew only on the wool and all the ground was dry. Praise God! Gideon asked for one more proof and this time only the wool was to be dry and all the ground was to be covered with dew. And so God made it happen.

With God’s assurance, Gideon gathered thirty two thousand men to fight the enemies out of which God chose only three hundred, who defeated the huge enemies because God fought for the Israelites! There was peace in the land for forty years.

Guddi prayed the next night, “God, I know you love me and all the naughty children in my class. Your love is everlasting. I have faith in you, and I will be obedient. Gideon wasn’t the smartest, strongest or most intelligent, yet You chose him and used him victoriously. Use me victoriously, Lord! Amen.” Over the next few weeks, Guddi became more confident. With the teacher’s permission she appointed vice captains.  Together, they managed to control the class. It was challenging, but they did it! Yes!  They were finally awarded “Best Class of the Year”!  Praise God!


  Game / Bible / Life Connection:    In the Game The Smaller Team Won the Game / In the Bible The Smaller Army Won the Victory / In your Life The Fewer Resources the Greater Glory to God

Memory Verse:  “The Lord said to Gideon, “You have too many men. I cannot deliver Midian into their hands, or Israel would boast against me, ‘My own strength has saved me”  Judges 7:2  

Leader, ask God to connect to the children’s minds, the children’s hearts, and in the prayer to connect to the children’s soul.

1. Game 
Raise your hand if your team won the relay race. (smaller slower players will raise their hands).
How did you win the race? (there were less, fewer, of us).
So the team with the fewest players won? That sounds like our Bible discovery!

2. Bible
Why did God keep making Gideon’s army smaller?
Who would have received all the glory if Gideon was a great leader with a huge
army? (Gideon would have received all the glory)
Important, boys and girls listen closely, who received all the glory with Gideon’s little army won the victory? (God alone!)

3. Life
Repeat after me: “God help me to be available for you, I may not be strong or fast, yet
God I am available for you. God how do you want my life to bring you glory? *pause*. Jesus please give me courage to obey and share this truth.”

4. Worship Song
Ask the children what is their favorite worship song and then sing several worship songs with hand-motions
(click here for worship songs “GameLife Strong & Powerful Worship Motions”)

5. Reinforcement 
Use local resources and common objects.
Activity: What are the common qualities between Guddi and Gideon?
List the good and bad qualities.

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