Be Ready

Be Ready

 (Bible Overview #14 of 54)

One Main Truth:  God prepared Moses to Serve

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1 GAME: Grab the Rock

Game / Bible / Life Connection:  In the Game Players Needed to be Ready to Go / In the Bible God through Moses told the People to be Ready to Go / In your Life You Need to Listen to God and be Ready to Go

This is Step 1

  1. Divide everyone into two teams.  Each team stands shoulder-to-shoulder facing the center.
    2. Give each player a number [each group should have a one, a two, a three, making sure each child has a number].
    3. Explain that when children hear their number called they will run to the center and try to pick up the “Rock.” Place the “Rock” in the center of the playing area.
    4. [Important: explain players now you must really be ready and pay attention]. Add an extra challenge by calling two numbers, example #3 and #5 (so four players will rush in to grab the rock).



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2 BIBLE DISCOVERIES: Gospel & Truth - Exodus 3

 Game / Bible / Life Connection:    In the Game Players Needed to be Ready to Go / In the Bible God through Moses told the People to be Ready to Go / In your Life You Need to Listen to God and be Ready to Go

Team Captain: The school football team was not playing well. They needed more practice.  The coach decided that this year the school team would win the inter-school competition. He selected a boy named Victor as the new captain. Victor was from another school and had learned football well.  He was talented and hard working. He was a good leader.  

After a lot of practice on the football field, and after losing many matches, the team grew stronger and more experienced. Victor kept building his team’s spirit under the guidance of their coach. They were all so happy and proud the day they won the inter-school competition!! Victor had led the team to victory! The coach was overjoyed!

Moses the Leader: Remember Moses left Egypt and travelled to Midian? One day he was resting near a well. Some bad men were teasing the daughters of a Midian priest and did not allow them to draw water. Moses stood up and began to help the girls by filling water in their pots. The girls led Moses to their father, Jethro. Jethro thanked Moses for his help. He later gave him one of his daughters name Zipporah as a wife.

The Burning Bush: Forty years went by! One day as he was watching over his flock on Mt. Sinai, Moses saw a strange thing happen. He saw a burning bush. Although he was afraid, Moses went closer. He heard a voice coming out from the burning bush, “Moses go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to set My people free.” Moses asked, “Who are you?” The voice declared, “Tell the people, “I AM THAT I AM. My presence will be with you and you will see the sign of miracles.”

The ten plagues: When the Pharaoh refused to let the slaves go, God was angry. He sent ten plagues one after the other upon the people of Egypt. It was terrible!! The Plague of Blood, Frogs, Gnats, Flies, Livestock, Boils, Hails, Locusts, and Darkness came upon the people. But, the Pharaoh was stubborn. He did not change his mind!

Killing of the firstborn: Moses warned the Pharaoh, and said that God will send the Tenth Plague at midnight. Before God sent the tenth plague, He asked every Israelite to paint their doorposts with lamb’s blood, so the angel of death will see the lamb’s blood on their door posts and it will pass over them, so their first born would be saved. At the midnight the angel of death passed through and the entire first born of Egyptian children and animals died. The Pharaoh asked the Israelites to leave Egypt immediately!

God has chosen each one of us to set ourselves and others free from the bondage of sin, and bear witness for Him.


Game / Bible / Life Connection:   In the Game Players Needed to be Ready to Go / In the Bible God through Moses told the People to be Ready to Go / In your Life You Need to Listen to God and be Ready to Go

Memory Verse:  “And God said ‘I will be with you.  And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you.'”  Exodus 3:12a 

Leader, ask God to connect to the children’s minds, the children’s hearts, and in the prayer to connect to the children’s soul.

1. Game 
Players in the game had to be ready to go, raise your hand if you were one that was able to grab the rock.
How did you stay ready to hear your number called?
What would happen if you were not ready when you were called to go?

2. Bible
God prepared Moses for 40 years in the wilderness, how did God speak to Moses?
God told the people to be ready to go, they sacrificed a lamb and were told to be ready to go, those that were not ready would not escape from slavery. Were the people ready to go?

3. Life
Repeat after me: “God thank you for preparing me for the work you are calling me to,
Holy Spirit show me what I need to do to be ready when you call *pause*.  Jesus please give me courage to obey and share this truth.”

4. Worship Song
Ask the children what is their favorite worship song and then sing several worship songs with hand-motions
(click here for worship songs “GameLife Strong & Powerful Worship Motions”)

5. Reinforcement 
Use local resources and common objects.
Let the children memorize all the ten plagues that God sent upon Egyptians. Let them make noises to represent each of these plagues. How would they react to each
plague? Have them enact each one.

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