Why Don’t Christians Make Disciples?

Why Don’t Christians Make Disciples?

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Why Don’t Christians Make Disciples?

Our mission discovered in decades of service in almost every culture most Christians do not make disciples nor do they openly share their faith in Jesus.  Most go to church, keep their faith personal, and possibly invite a neighbor to a Christmas service. 



The Answer is Not Disobedience

Most Christians are aware of the Basics: “Love God” and “Love Your Neighbor.” Yet, few understand their role in the Great Commission shared / commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20 “…Go and Make Disciples of All Nations…”  




Christians Would Make Disciples
If They Knew the Answer to these Questions

  1. Why Make Disciples — You are Jesus’ Plan — Who Me?

  2. Who Would I Share With?

  3. What Would I Say?

  4. When Would We Do This?



Learn the Answers to the 4 Questions

Disciple Making for smaller people: www.GameLife123.com 

Disciple Making for taller people: www.ZumeProject.com


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