The Leper & the Servant Girl

The Leper & the Servant Girl

 (Bible Overview #25 of 54)

One Main Truth:  A little girl’s faith becomes an example to us today

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1 GAME: Storm the Castle

Game / Bible / Life Connection:  In our Game the Game Seemed Impossible  / In the Bible It takes Faith to Believe what Seems Impossible / In your Life Have Faith even though it may Seem Impossible

1. Show Players the boundaries that the game will be played in. There is an outer square where the four teams will line up on and an inner square where the “Castle” is. Inside the castle are small objects for the Players to retrieve.
2. Divide the Players into four teams placing each team on each of the four sides of the outer square.
3. Promise: Each of you will win the game. The four teams will be winners.
4. Once the Players have been divided into teams assign each Player a number. Each team should have a one, a two, a three, and so on.
5. Place four objects in the middle of the inner square. Explain that when the Game Zone Leader shouts “Number ones (or ones and threes) Storm the Castle” the Players with that number can run to get only one object from the middle or wait until the guards are distracted to do so.
6. Choose 6 Players to be “Castle” guards. If a guard tags a player before they pick up an object, the player is out.
7. Note: Each round two guards are removed.
8. Play several more rounds.
9. The last round, there are no guards and every team wins the game.  The promise is fulfilled.
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2 BIBLE DISCOVERIES: Gospel & Truth - Mathew 17

 Game / Bible / Life Connection:    In our Game The Game Seemed Impossible / In the Bible It takes Faith to Believe what Seems Impossible / In your Life Have Faith even though it may Seem Impossible

Beggars in the city: Adults are often rude.  We have all seen many beggars on our streets. They look dirty. Some beggars have stubby fingers and small noses, and they have bandages on their limbs. These people suffer from leprosy. One day, little Bunnu and his uncle Vincent were going on a scooter. They stopped at a red light and a leper came
to them asking for money. Father shouted at the leper.  “Stand far! Don’t touch us!” He then threw a two rupee coin at the leper. Bunnu felt sorry for the poor leper who looked so sad. He jumped off the scooter, picked up the coin, and placed it in the beggar’s stubby palm. The beggar smiled at Bunnu, but uncle was very angry! He made Bunnu wash his hands ten times after going home! As he cried and washed his hands, Bunnu said to his father, “Uncle, if I get leprosy, will you be afraid to touch me, and throw two rupees at me?” Bunnu’s uncle realised his mistake and hugged his nephew.

Naaman, was a great Commanding Officer of the Syrian army. Through him the Lord had given many victories to Aram. But his life was going to change soon. He got leprosy! Lepers were considered unclean both physically and spiritually. Naaman was cast out from his family and community, and was made to live alone outside the camp.

The little servant girl: Naaman’s Syrian Army had captured a little girl in one of its campaigns. She was given to Naaman’s wife as a servant. The little girl had great faith in God. She saw Naaman’s problem.  She remembered the miracles the Prophet Elisha had done in the Lord’s name. Her God was a mighty God!  He could heal Naaman! Naaman and his wife believed the little servant girl and they decided to see the prophet. When Naaman arrived in Israel from Syria, he was directed to Elisha’s home. Elisha did not come out to meet him personally but sent a message instructing him to wash seven times in the Jordan River. At frist Naaman resisted. He didn’t want to dip
in the dirty river. But he changed his mind and obeyed the prophet dipping in the Jordan River with faith that he would be cured. He dipped himself in the river seven times and was healed completely! As a result, Naaman believed in God and thanked Elisha for his kind help through the little Hebrew girl. Though she was a mere servant, the little girl’s greatest courage was to testify her complete faith in God, who can do mighty things. Therefore from being a servant, the little Hebrew girl became a powerful witness to God’s greatness. 

Nobody is too young or insignificant to be a blessing to others. God can use anyone, at any age and in any circumstance to bear witness to his greatness. Praise God!  


  Game / Bible / Life Connection:    In our GameThe Game Seemed Impossible / In the Bible It takes Faith to Believe what Seems Impossible / In your Life Have Faith even though it may Seem Impossible

Memory Verse:  “Truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”  Matt. 17:20b

Leader, ask God to connect to the children’s minds, the children’s hearts, and in the prayer to connect to the children’s soul.

1. Game 
At first, did you think you could win the game? (no, too many guards)
Did you believe the coach when he or she told you that you would wing
the game?
Could you have done it alone without the Game Leader removing the guards? What would have happened had you stopped and not even tried at the
beginning because you thought it was impossible?
2. Bible
What was action? (she told Naaman about the One True God)
What would have happened if Naaman had not believed Elisha and God?
What was wrong with Naaman?
Did the servant girl believe God could do the impossible?
How did she put her faith in God?

 3. Life
Repeat after me: “Dear God, please help me to always have great faith in You because You are the God of the impossible. What seems impossible that I need You to do a miracle God *pause*. Holy Spirit please give me courage to obey and share this truth.”

4. Worship Song
Ask the children what is their favorite worship song and then sing several worship songs with hand-motions
(click here for worship songs “GameLife Strong & Powerful Worship Motions”)

5. Reinforcement 
Use local resources and common objects.
Let each child list out good things they have learned from someone younger than
them.  Share the experiences.

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