Queen Risk All For Her People

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Queen Risks All For Her People/ Esther 4-5; 7; 9:20-22

One Main Truth: God will place you in a special position created just for you to bring Him glory

“Are you ready for the Joy of Discovery? Unlock the One Main Truth: It’s an adventure in the Game, a revelation in the Bible, and it will transform your Life. Let’s take one step closer to becoming a Champion for Eternity!”

 In the Game: “The Winner Can Choose to Help Everyone”
In the Bible: “Esther Chose to Help Everyone – Bringing God Glory”
In Your Life: “You Can Choose to Help Everyone – Bringing God Glory”

1 GAME EXPERIENCE: Red Light Green Light Prize

  1. Prepare enough prizes for every player in advance.
  2. Show all the players the starting line and the finish line of the game.
  3. Ask all the players to line up behind the starting line.
  4. Explain that when the Game Zone Leader shouts “Green Light,” players can start running towards the finish line. However, when the Game Zone Leader shouts “Red Light,” players must immediately stop in their tracks. If any player doesn’t stop at “Red Light,” they must return to the starting line and begin again.
  5. The Game Zone Leader will alternate between calling “Green Light” and “Red Light.” The player who reaches the spot where the Game Zone Leader is standing first wins that round.
  6. Play several rounds of the game.
  7. Special Note: After a few rounds, announce that there will be an exciting prize for the winner of the next round. When a player wins, they have a choice to make – a) Keep the original prize they won, or b) Allow everyone to cross the finish line, ensuring that everyone wins a prize.

2 BIBLE DISCOVERIES: Gospel & Truth - Esther 4-5; 7; 9:20-22

THE CIRCUMSTANCE. (Esther 4:1-3)
A long, long, time ago in the Persian Empire in the city of Susa, something happened that would turn sorrow into gladness. That was done through prayer and fasting to the Lord God.
Haman, a high-ranking official in King Ahasuerus’s court, tricked the king into making a law to kill all the Jews. (Esther 4:1-3)

THE CHOICE (Esther 4:14-16)
Esther had become queen after a series of events arranged by God. She was raised by her cousin Mordecai who taught her about making choices to serve God, through prayer and fasting. She had concealed her Jewish identity as advised by Mordecai. When Mordecai learned about Haman’s plot to kill the Jews, he sent word to Esther, urging her to intervene with the king on behalf of her people. Esther had to decide whether should she trust God and speak to the king, or be quiet and safe. Queen Esther knew approaching the king without being called for, was punishable by death. She was worried because she hadn’t been called to his presence in over a month. Her choice held high stakes—either risked her life to save her people or remained silent and possibly perish along with them. Mordecai’s plea to her is recorded in the Bible, “If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die.  Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this? “ (Esther 4:14). In response to Mordecai’s plea, Esther made a bold decision. She requested that all the Jews fast for three days, during which she and her maidens would fast as well. Then, with faith in God and determination, she declared, “If perish, I perish.” (Esther 4:15-16)

THE CONSEQUENCE (Esther 9:20-22)
Esther’s brave choice had far-reaching consequences. On the third day of fasting, Esther put on her royal robes and entered the inner court of the palace, where KingAhasuerus sat on his throne. Upon seeing her, the king extended his golden scepter—a sign of his favor. Esther requested the King come to a banquet and invite Haman. During the banquet, she explained, how she and her people were facing destruction. The king’s response was one of compassion and justice. He sought to know who would dare to harm Esther and her people. It was then Esther who pointed out wicked Haman as the enemy that tricked the king. The king showed his anger, and Haman was terrified. This very man who had devised the plan for the Jews’ destruction was now condemned to the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai. Justice was swift, and the king’s anger was gone. (Esther 7:1-10)The story doesn’t end there. After Haman’s downfall, the Jews found relief and deliverance. Through Mordecai’s leadership and Esther’s courage and faith in God, they turned their sorrow into gladness. Esther and Mordecai wrote letters to establish the Feast of Purim—a time of feasting and celebration—to celebrate their victory. The once evil actions of Haman turned into a tale of hope, faith, and triumph of good over evil.
(Esther 9:20-22) (Children, let’s have the right side shout Halleluiah, now the left side shout Halleluiah now everyone together shout Halleluiah.) Wonderful !! do you think that is how the Israelites sounded when they were saved by God through Esther and Mordecai’s choice to serve the one and only God?

In this historical account, we witness Esther’s key role in God’s plan. Her choice to risk her life for the sake of her people shows the power of courage and selflessness. Now we begin to better understand why God allowed Esther to find favor and become queen, because of her inner character! Through her actions, Esther became a channel for God’s deliverance and a beacon of hope for all generations.

3 LIFE CONNECTIONS: Connecting Jesus to Every Child

(1) The One Main Truth Planted in MY HEART, Growing MY ATTITUDE

POWER WORDS:  “If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die.  Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this? “  Esther 4:14

(2) The One Main Truth Rooted in MY MIND, Leading MY CHOICES


Game Questions:

  • What is the objective of the “Red Light Green Light Prize” game?
  • How does the game reflect the idea of making choices and their consequences?
  • In the game, what choice did the winner have to make? How is this choice similar to the choice Esther had to make in the story?
    Boys & girls, that sounds a lot like what we just discovered in the Bible!”

Bible Questions:

  • How did Esther’s choice to approach the king put her at risk?
  • What did Mordecai mean when he said, “If you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place”?
  • How did Esther’s actions show her willingness to help everyone, even though it mightcost her life?

Life Questions:

  • Can you think of a time when you had to make a difficult choice? How did you make your decision?
  • What are some situations today where people might need to take a stand for what’s right, even if it’s not easy?
  • How can Esther’s example of choosing to help everyone inspire us to make courageous choices in our own lives?

    (3) The One Main Truth Today Committed in MY SOUL, Inspiring MY ACTIONS

    POWER PRAYER: Repeat After Me “Dear God, please use my life to help others and make a difference in the lives of others show me who needs your help 
    *Let’s be still and quiet, opening your heart to hear God’s whisper* 
    (Coach, wait at least 14 seconds, allowing God to connect to every child)
    Please give me the courage to obey and share this truth.”

    Ask the children what is their favorite worship song and then sing several worship songs with Strong & Powerful Worship Motions
    (Click here for worship songs
    “GameLife Strong & Powerful Worship Motions”)

    Now, remember to share this truth,
    practice this truth, and bring a friend back with you! Boys and girls, let’s go out as the
    “Champions for Eternity” that God expects us to become!

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