Clinton Losper

Clinton was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and started his career in ministry in the slums of the city. While serving in the inner city, he encountered children who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and by God’s grace became like a father figure to many of the children.

In Clinton’s travels around the world he found that there was an overwhelming need for orphaned children to know the unconditional and always present love of their heavenly father. In honor of his youngest daughter, who passed away in 2020, he has vowed to reach as many ‘fatherless” children as possible and trusting that God would redeem their childhood.

Clinton began serving with GameLife in 2018 and then served in various ‘tentmaking” roles during COVID and now he serves as
Vice-President of Orphans and Care.


Our Passion: Our Orphans and Care ministry will make an impact in the world
by focusing on children that have suffered serious loss due to
the pandemic and/or conflict in the countries of their birth.

As we address the physical needs of the children,
our desire is also to equip them with the spiritual tools
to become “Champions for Eternity.”


Although COVID-19 has very limited direct impact upon children, COVID’s indirect impact upon children has been immense. A study in July 2021 estimates that 1.1 million children have been orphaned by COVID.


There are now more than 82 million forcibly displaced people around the world, more than at any time in modern history, 30-34 million of these people are children.

Native Americans

Native American communities face significant inequity in health care compared to other US populations. COVID has also limited access to food for many of these communities. 

Our Process: Gamelife believes that if we use the holistic approach of Jesus,
we can help raise up a generation that will change the World.
We have a heart to see true community transformation!

Spiritual Need

The first step in making a difference in a child’s life is taking care of their spiritual need ~ assuring each child knows and understands they are loved and wanted.  Gamelife has invested the last 25 years developing a curriculum that is interactive, fun and gospel centered. We are committed to sharing the gospel with every child!

Emotional Need

The children we reach are severely traumatized and we would be amiss to overlook the emotional wellbeing of each child. We want to create an environment of love and sincere unconditional care.  At GameLife we only partner with ministries, communities and volunteers that make loving others well their main priority.

Physical Need

It is imperative for us that we meet the physical needs of every child that God sends to us, whether that be feeding, clothing, or as we are able to assist with housing or medical. We will use the majority of our resources to address these issues and investing in strategic solutions that will allow us to reach as many children as possible.

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