Miracles of Faith

Miracles of Faith

 (Bible Overview #34 of 54)

One Main Truth:  Our God is a Powerful God

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1 GAME: So You Say

Game / Bible / Life Connection:  In the Game It is easy to just Say Something / In the Bible Jesus Proves He is God through Miracles / In your Life Have Faith and Believe Jesus is God

1. [Note this game only takes a few minutes, have several other fun games to also play, they can be any fun game].
2. [Important: Gather 3 small pebbles for each child.  Find a coach or someone that can juggle 3 small pebbles.]
3. Have someone demonstrate what juggling looks like. Ask the boys and girls if they think they can juggle? Many children will say yes, not realizing how challenging it is to juggle.
4. Allow children several minutes to try.
5. Close this game by saying “Wow, it is easier to say “Yes, I can juggle than to actually juggle.  Let’s play some other games!”

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    2 BIBLE DISCOVERIES: Gospel & Truth - John 20

     Game / Bible / Life Connection:    In the Game It is easy to just Say Something / In the Bible Jesus Proves He is God through Miracles / In your Life Have Faith and Believe Jesus is God

    Cookie: The doctor said to Cookie’s mother, “Ma’am, your daughter is getting headaches because she is spending too much time using the Internet.” Cookie looked at the doctor suspiciously.  How could she get a headache from the Internet? She loves watching cartoons. Cartoons don’t give her a headache. Maths homework does!

    The doctor went on to explain, “There are so many invisible signals around us. These signals are harmful to our bodies. Just because you cannot see them, does not mean they do not exist.” He smiled and gave Cookie a chocolate. She ate it immediately. She enjoyed it as she could see it, touch it, and taste it.  Would she enjoy an invisible chocolate, she wondered. Cookie’s mother Aarti said to the doctor, “Only a miracle can keep Cookie away from the Internet.”

    Miracles: While Jesus was on earth, he performed many miracles. Miracles are those magical acts that only God can perform.

    Cookie had heard the story of Jesus and the many miracles He had performed. He healed a blind man who sat begging by the roadside on the way to Jericho. Jesus said, “Receive your sight.” Then immediately the blind man could see everything clearly (Mk. 10:46-52). One day Jesus was in a boat with his disciples in the Sea of Galilee. Suddenly a big storm rocked the boat. The disciples were terrified.  They found Jesus asleep in a corner of the boat. They woke Him up and said, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!” Jesus said, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid.” He commanded the storm to be still and the sea became calm. He is a powerful God.

    As Cookie left the doctor’s clinic she asked her mother, “Mommy, just like the invisible signals, Jesus is invisible too, isn’t he?” Her mother replied, “Jesus is everywhere. Just like the signals, His miracles are everywhere. You are his little miracle too!” Cookie felt so proud. She was God’s miracle!

    Cookie’s mother continued, “During his earthly ministry, Jesus performed many miracles that people witnessed. He helped the blind see, the mute speak, the deaf hear. He healed lepers, cast out demons, and even raised the dead!

    If you pray sincerely, He will perform miracles in your life too, Cookie!”  Saying this, she made Cookie stop on the street, looked down towards her, and prayed aloud. “Dear Jesus, thank you for the beautiful miracle of Cookie in our lives. Can you please perform another miracle and make Cookie stop using the Internet? Thank you, Jesus. Amen.”

    No prayer is too big or too small. No miracle is too grand or too simple. Jesus answers every sincere prayer with a miracle. You must be willing to see this miracle, recognise it, and be thankful for it!


      Game / Bible / Life Connection:    In the Game It is easy to just Say Something / In the Bible Jesus Proves He is God through Miracles / In your Life Have Faith and Believe Jesus is God

    Memory Verse:  “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  John 20:29

    Leader, ask God to connect to the children’s minds, the children’s hearts, and in the prayer to connect to the children’s soul.

    1. Game 
    Raise your hand if you said “Yes I can juggle.” Now, raise your hand if you were actually able to Juggle. It seems it is easier to say you could do something than actually to do it. Today in our Bible discovery, Jesus said He was God, Jesus did
    not just say he was God, Jesus proved He was God.

    2. Bible
    Boys and girls, Jesus is God and proves he is God.
    How does Jesus prove that He is God?
    Jesus can do miracles because He is God.  Jesus’ miracles always bring glory to God.

    3. Life
    Repeat after me: “God I believe Jesus is God. God I believe Jesus is God. God I believe the Holy Spirit will live in my if I believe can forgive my sins and be my Savior. God how can my faith increase? *pause*. Jesus please give me courage to obey and share this truth.”

    4. Worship Song
    Ask the children what is their favorite worship song and then sing several worship songs with hand-motions
    (click here for worship songs “GameLife Strong & Powerful Worship Motions”)

    5. Reinforcement 
    Use local resources and common objects.
    Blindfold a child. Make him walk backwards to the finish line. Place obstacles in his path and warn him as he walks.  After finishing the task discuss with the children
    whether this was an easy or difficult task. How would they perform without help?

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