Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand

Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand

 (Bible Overview #33 of 72)

One Main Truth:  God Provides Our Needs

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1 GAME: Freeze Tag – Designated Unfreezer

Game / Bible / Life Connection:  

  1. Before you start, choose a Coach to be the “Unfreezer.” Tell him/her that they are the designated “Unfreezer.”
  2. Choose a Player to be “It.”
  3. The Player selected to be “It” then chases the others, attempting to get close enough to “Tag” one of them (touching them with a hand) while the others try to escape.
  4. If a Player gets tagged they are now “Frozen” and must stand in place with their arms stretched out until they are unfrozen.
  5. Tell the Players that the only way to be unfrozen is to wait for the designated “Unfreezer” to come and unfreeze them.
  6. Start the game.
  7. Play more than one round if time permits.
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2 BIBLE DISCOVERIES: Gospel & Truth - Mark 8:1-10

 Game / Bible / Life Connection:    






  Game / Bible / Life Connection:    

Memory Verse:   And he directed the crowd to sit down on the ground. And he took the seven loaves, and having given thanks, he broke them and gave them to his disciples to set before the people; and they set them before the crowd. And they had a few small fish. And having blessed them, he said that these also should be set before them.”  Mark 8:6-7

Leader, ask God to connect to the children’s minds, the children’s hearts, and in the prayer to connect to the children’s soul.

1. Game 


2. Bible

3. Life
Jesus, thank you for multiplying whatever I give to you. Please give me courage to obey and share this truth. Amen.”

4. Worship Song
Ask the children what is their favorite worship song and then sing several worship songs with hand-motions
(click here for worship songs “GameLife Strong & Powerful Worship Motions”)

5. Reinforcement 
Use local resources and common objects.

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