Global Alliance for Church Multiplication / GACX

GameLife is a Mission Agency Member of the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication

OneHope / God’s Word. Every Child.

GameLife is blessed to serve with OneHope to reach children across Europe with GameLife 1-2-3

Kids Games / The Best Kid Thing on Earth!

GameLife shared experiential-learning principles, a day-camp model,
and methods to create and then teach Bible lessons using experiential-games, these were some of the ideas used to develop KidsGames 

* KidsGames is a gift from God:  Developed by many people: coaches, missionaries, pastors, dads & moms, kids, and associations from across the globe who want to impact the lives of children through experiential-learning and who want to help you do the same.

* KidsGames is Bible Discovery, Sports, and Play: Every two-years children meet with local leaders to explore the Bible through experiential-learning and to play Games and Competitive Sports.  The Bible is communicated through experiential-learning-games, dramas, stories, discussion and testimonies.

* KidsGames is Experiential-Games: Specially designed experiential-learning experiential-games that teach a Bible lesson linked to the truth and Biblical passage of the day.

* KidsGames is a Worldwide Movement: Connecting with children and the communities in which they live, KidsGames is already making an impact in the lives of children in countries all around the world.

* KidsGames is a day-camp led over multiple days: it is recommended that KidsGames be run in your location every two-years.

One example of a KidsGames camp is shown in the video below.


Watch the video and look for the “Game Experience,”
the “Bible Discovery,” and the “Life Connection” time in the small group circles.

GameLife 1-2-3 is a great way to prepare your community for KidsGames
GameLife 1-2-3 is a great weekly discipleship follow-up for KidsGames

The Lausanne Children & Evangelism Network / Global Mission

GameLife 1-2-3 has started networking and offering free training and resources to the Lausanne Children & Evangelism Network

“As (they) prayed and worked together, God showed (them) that many countries did not have ready access to children’s ministry resources.

This led to the development of “Max 7″ an open source ministry resources library.”
The GameLife 1-2-3 Bible Overview Chart (21 visuals from Genesis to Revelation) has been translated into various languages and downloaded from the “Max 7” site 2,000 times around the world. Praise God!

e3 Partners / Church Planting Mission Agency

A GameLife 1-2-3 team member serves with e3 Partners as “Director e3 GameLife Children’s Strategies” 

1 Body Global / Equipping Disciples to Make Disciples

GameLife 1-2-3 is used to help reach refugee families at 1 Body Global’s “Field Ministry” and around the world

The GameLife 1-2-3 Strategy > Reach a Child to Engage a Family to Plant a Church