Four Fields for Children

Four Fields for Children

What an Amazing Grace Photo!!!  
 “Training to the Third Generation” captured in a photo!!! 

  1. 1st Generation: God opens to door to train Gradies (young adult leader standing behind the teen),

  2. 2nd Generation: Gradies is training the young teenager in red. (Model, Assist, Watch, Launch: M.A.W.L.)

  3. 3rd Generation: The young teenager is training the boys & girls how to share the Gospel: Creation to Christ   (click here) Video: Creation to Christ Hand Motions  Also, see how this simple Gospel tool is being used around the world: Facebook #CreationToChristHandMotions

Biblical ! 
Simple !
Zero Resources Required !
Highly Reproducible !

While this is called “Children’s Ministry” our passion is to train the next generation of leaders: youth, teens, and new young leaders!!!  We are reaching 3 Generations with the potential to reach two billion souls annually!!!


  1. Current Generation: The Dads & Moms and Families of the Children

  2. The Next Generation: The Youth, Teens, and New Young Leaders (GameLife 1-2-3 is simple by design so teens can lead the ministry)

  3. The Future Generation: The Children (Often called the 4/14 Window: 4 to 14 years of age. The world’s largest people group, two billion strong and growing daily, these souls are the most receptive to hearing the Gospel and responding to the Gospel).


Imagine if we stopped trying to entertain and do everything for our children & youth and took seriously the calling to “Train Champions for Eternity!”  GameLife 1-2-3 is a non-threateningentry-levelleadership-training-opportunity for these young leaders!!!




Discover more about Disciple Making / Church Planting Movements: (click below)

For “smaller people”

For “taller people”


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