Fight Temptation

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Fight Temptation /  Luke 4:1-13

One Main Truth: Temptation, a lie, is defeated by quoting the truth in the Bible.

“Are you ready for the Joy of Discovery? Unlock the One Main Truth: It’s an adventure in the Game, a revelation in the Bible, and it will transform your Life. Let’s take one step closer to becoming a Champion for Eternity!”

In the Game: “Players Helped Protect One Player” 
In the Bible: “Quoting the Truth Helped Protect Jesus from the Lies of the enemy” 
In Your Life: “Quoting the Truth Can Help Protect You from the Lies of the enemy”

1 GAME EXPERIENCE: “Wait! It Says…”

  1. Divide players into groups of 12
  2. Assign roles as follows: 
    1. Two players are the “Lambs.”
    2. Three players are the “Wolves.”
    3. Seven players are the “Wall.”
  3. Have the protected “Lambs” stand in the middle of the 7 other players. These players, the “Wall,” should stand with their arms locked and backs facing the “Lambs.”
  4. The 3 “Wolves” try to tag a “Lamb.” If a “Lamb” is tagged, they are out UNLESS the “Lamb” can quote a Bible verse that starts with “It Says” followed by the verse. Any Bible verse will work.
  5. Rotate players after each round so that different players can take on different roles.
  6. Rotate players, so different players can play different roles.

2 BIBLE DISCOVERIES: Gospel & Truth - Luke 4:1-13

In a vast wilderness, Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, had just returned from the Jordan River. The rugged landscape stretched as far as the eye could see, and Jesus had been fasting for forty days. Hunger gnawed at His belly, and exhaustion set upon his body.

THE CHOICE (Luke 4:3-7):
Amidst the desolation, the devil seized the opportunity to tempt Jesus. He began by questioning Jesus’ identity, saying, “If you are the Son of God, command this stone to become bread.” The devil sought to exploit Jesus’ physical hunger, tempting Him to use His divine power for His own needs. But Jesus responded with a powerful choice, quoting Scripture: “Man shall not live by bread alone” (Luke 4:4).
The devil persisted, showing Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and offering them in exchange for worship. Here, Jesus faced a choice that could alter the course of history. He replied, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve” (Luke 4:8). Jesus reaffirmed His commitment to the Father, rejecting the allure of worldly power.

THE CONSEQUENCE (Luke 4:9-13):
 The devil took Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple in Jerusalem, urging Him to throw Himself down, for it was written that the angels would protect Him. But Jesus, resolute in His faith, responded with Scripture once more: “You shall not put the Lord your God to the test” (Luke 4:12). He refused to engage in reckless displays of His divinity.
The consequence of Jesus’ quoting God’s Truth was victory over temptation and protection from the lies of the enemy. When the devil had exhausted his attempts, he departed, leaving Jesus victorious and unswayed by worldly enticements. Through His choices rooted in Scripture, Jesus demonstrated the power of faith, humility, and reliance on God’s Word.

Reflecting on this history, we are prompted to ask ourselves: How do we respond to temptation and challenges in our lives? Do we rely on God’s Word and prioritize our relationship with Him? Jesus’ example teaches us the importance of holding fast to our faith, worshiping God alone, and trusting in His providing for us. In moments of temptation, let us follow Jesus example, quoting God’s Truth, for it leads to a life of purpose and Christlikeness.

3 LIFE CONNECTIONS: Connecting Jesus to Every Child

(1) The One Main Truth Planted in MY HEART, Growing MY ATTITUDE

POWER WORDS:  “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  Psalm 119:11 Bonus “And Jesus answered him, ‘It is written, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve. Luke 4:8

(2) The One Main Truth Rooted in MY MIND, Leading MY CHOICES


Game Questions:

  • Raise your hand if you were one being protected.
  • How did it feel to be protected?
  • Were you able to quote a Bible verse, God’s Word, if you were tagged?
    Boys & girls, that sounds a lot like what we just discovered in the Bible!”

Bible Questions:

  • Can anyone remember the three verses? (Man shall not live by bread alone. Man shall not temp God…You shall only worship the One True God.)
  • What should we do when we are tempted?
  • In the Bible passage, Jesus used Scripture to respond to the devil’s temptations. Why do you think quoting the truth from the Bible is such a powerful way to combat lies and temptation?
  • Jesus quoted three different verses from the Bible in response to the devil. What do these verses teach us about how we can use Scripture in our own lives to overcome challenges?

Life Questions:

  • Think about a time when you faced a difficult decision or temptation. How might quoting a Bible verse have helped you in that situation?
  • What are some practical ways you can use God’s Word, Power Words, into your daily life to help you resist temptation?
  • How can you encourage your friends or family members to remember and apply the main truth of using God’s Word to protect themselves from lies and temptation?

(3) The One Main Truth Today Committed in MY SOUL, Inspiring MY ACTIONS

POWER PRAYER: Repeat After Me “Lord God, help me to remember your Word when I am tempted, help me to memorize your Word so I will be ready. What words, and verses, should I memorize?
*Let’s be still and quiet, opening your heart to hear God’s whisper* 
(Coach, wait at least 14 seconds, allowing God to connect to every child)
Jesus, help me hide your words in my heart that I might make you proud of me.”    

Ask the children what is their favorite worship song and then sing several worship songs with Strong & Powerful Worship Motions
(Click here for worship songs
“GameLife Strong & Powerful Worship Motions”)

Now, remember to share this truth,
practice this truth, and bring a friend back with you! Boys and girls, let’s go out as the
“Champions for Eternity” that God expects us to become!

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