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GameLife 1-2-3 Use to Make Disciples,
Plant Churches, and Launch Movements


GameLife 1-2-3 Variety of Uses:



GameLife 1-2-3 is a weekly discipleship training for children.  

Experiential-Games are used to teach the Bible.  This method is fun and very powerful as children love the games and the experiential-game help the children remember the lesson for life.  Games for Life.  GameLife!!!

GameLife 1-2-3 is also a ministry strategy that can also be used by God to stir prayer movements, evangelism & missions, leadership development, and even community transformation!!!  


GameLife 1-2-3 Inspires Disciple Making:


  1. Prayer Movements that lead to Church Planting

      • #FastAndPrayMondays

      • Reach a Child to Engage a Family to Plant a Church.

      • Each week GameLife leaders fast and pray every Monday asking God to raise up more leaders to help reach 2,000,000,000 children annually.

  2. Evangelism & Missions

      • #CreationToChristHandMotions

      • Use GameLife as an outreach, as a camp, as an Easter / School Break / and Christmas outreach for the community. Use on mission expeditions short-term or long-term missions

      • Each week children are trained and encouraged to share the Gospel through fun hand motions.

  3. Discipleship

      • #GameLife123

      • Lead GameLife at your local church and train other children’s workers to use GameLife as a tool for discipleship

      • Each week use the fun experiential games to teach the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

  4. Leadership Development

      • #TrainingChampionsForEternity

      • 2 Timothy 2:2 Paul trains Timothy, Timothy trains Faithful, Faithful trains Others.

      • Each week young leaders gather with mature leaders to prepare the weekly GameLife ministry. This assures there will always be new leaders for GameLife generation after generation.

  5. Community Transformation 

      • #WhatsYour77?

      • Reach all areas of Community Transformation within your community. 1. Church, 2. Family, 3. Education, 4. Media, 5. Public Service, 6. Business, 7. Arts & Athletics

      • Each month GameLife leaders are encouraged to take the children on a “Community Transformation Experience.”



Type in any of the #’s above in the Facebook search bar to see how children’s workers around the world are using these strategies to Train Champions for Eternity (a child friendly way of saying making disciples Matthew 28:18-20).




The most powerful way to use GameLife 1-2-3
Use GameLife 1-2-3 as a Church Planting Strategy!



GameLife 1-2-3 is a church planting strategy that helps pastors plant more churches by focusing on children. The “four fields” and “three thirds” methods are used by children’s workers to reach “No Place Left” – focusing on children while serving in harmony with church planters. When children’s workers reach a child, it opens the door to engage the family, and that will help plant new generational churches, assuring churches grow and multiply for generations! (See our Facebook Page #ChildrenChurchPlantingMovements for all nation rapid multiplication)



Reach a Child to Engage a Family to Plant a Church

Can GameLife 1-2-3 really accelerate church planting movements?
Yes, and it already has!



GameLife 1-2-3 is spreading across mission fields, since it requires zero resources it is easily used by leaders, and powerfully engages children and their families. Read about how God used GameLife 1-2-3 in the life of one church planter in a remote area of Peru South America:


“GameLife 1-2-3 has a great impact in my life and in our city… I can see the hand of Jesus in our children and in our leaders from our zone. Five months ago, God put his Vision and passion in my heart to work with children and training to other sisters and brothers to continue with this service. Now, we are 8 trainers in our church and every Sunday we work with our children. At the beginning, we had 5 kids, now we have 35 children who share in their houses and neighborhoods about Jesus. Every trainer has 5 or 6 children in her group to take care of and pray for. We visit their parents and we opened two houses of peace, one mom was baptized two weeks ago and the parents are listening about Jesus through their children in their houses. Now I am very motivated to continue doing the work to train others in the mission to go and make disciples and in the vision to grow and multiplication. In January, we are going to train in another village and we are praying for that. Thanks to our God for his support and grace on us.”
Rina L.




Games = Sustainability

Games keep the children coming back
week after week,
month after month,
year after year!



Games = Multiple Generations
Children enjoy playing the games
Teens & Youth enjoy leading the games
Parents enjoy seeing their children learn through the games