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Needed: GameLife 1-2-3 Trainers

We have more opportunities than our team can follow up and provide training. Will you prayerfully consider becoming a GameLife Trainer? Will you help us recruit leaders from your field that we can train? Training is so simple the training can be online, Facebook Groups, Skype, or email if available.


National GameLife Training / Area GameLife Training

  • Area trainings are times where it is more time efficient to train multiple church leaders how to lead children’s ministry at the same time rather than traveling to each village.
  • Area training should be led in harmony with the local church planters. The children’s ministry focus is to see a children’s ministry launched at that new church plant.
    Important: Not “One or the Other, Children or Adults” but “Both Children and Adults Together.”

In-Country Expedition Training / Outreach Training

  • Children’s Ministry outreaches are welcomed almost everywhere! Often Children’s Ministry can open doors that would normally be closed and soften fields that are normally hard or resistant to the Gospel.
  • There are three times every year that are natural outreach opportunities: Easter, Camp, and Christmas. This schedule also gives 4 months for follow-up before launching another outreach.
  • Each day set aside one hour (like 4-5 PM) to focus on Children’s Ministry. This will greatly assist in the church planting effort and natural invitations for every family member to participate:
  • Today at 4:00 we will have a Children’s event,
    • Please bring your children and encourage them to bring their friends it will be great fun!
  • Today at 3:30 we will be showing local youth & teens how they can help with the children’s event,
    • Please have your youth and teens attend as teens need to feel useful in the community!
  • Today at 4:00 while the children are playing outside the adults will be discovering biblical truths from the Bible,
    • Please join us and bring your friends and their family too! Three Thirds for adults.
  • Expeditions can be expeditions led by a team from another country or expeditions can be led by national leadership (India uses this model as there are too many unreached areas needing to be reached to wait for someone to come and lead an expedition so the nationals lead their own in-country expeditions)
  • Expeditions can vary in length of time and the number of areas reached.
  • The goal of all expeditions is to plant a new church. The children’s ministry focus is to see a children’s ministry launched at that new church plant. Important: Not “One or the Other, Children or Adults” but “Both Children and Adults Together.”
  • Why include Children’s Ministry on an expedition? Here are three reasons we found adding Children’s Ministry to your expedition actually makes the expedition easier, and more fruitful!
  1. Recruiting: You can increase the number of participants making mobilization easier.
  2. Training: Another resource to reinforce your existing training.  More engagement of entire team as more people have a “specific role.” More individuals trained in: prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and seeking and training “persons of peace.”
  3. Leading: Greater impacts on the new field as families add huge volume (children, siblings, and parents) to your church planting efforts.
  4. Remember: Reach a Childto Engage a Family to Plant a Church brings more joy to the mission field!!!
  • Important: The fun does not have to stop when the expedition ends. Actually this is just the beginning.
  • Important: Announce the weekly children’s ministry: day, time, and location. Every week the children and leaders can meet to learn more about God while playing the fun games in weekly GameLife training sessions.