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What’s Your 77?  


  • This question is a more powerful way of asking a child “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  

  • Or, asking an adult “How is God calling you to be Salt & Light for Jesus?”


To help each child (and adults) discover their calling, their purpose, and their gifts we ask a fun question: “What’s your 77?” This question helps children (and adults) begin to ask God how and where God desires for them to be Salt and Light for Jesus.


Community Transformation 77 Activity Each Month

Allow children to experience their area of service. Go visit: 1. A Pastor’s home, 2. A Family, 3. A School, 4. A Newspaper or News Source, 5. A Hospital or Police Station, 6. A Business, 7. An Athletic Team, or Arts Location. Share with the leaders your purpose of the visit and let them know you are praying for them and for their families (invite their children to attend GameLife & Church). 

Ask if some of the older children, teens, and youth could volunteer as helpers in one of the 7 areas of community transformation. 


Please Join Us in Praying that Jesus is lifted up “77
In all 7 Areas of Service/Society
In all 7 Regions of the World 

The 7 Areas of Service expand out from one’s personal life.  
Study the chart below and then look at the countries of the world.  
There is no “perfect person” there is no “perfect country,”
yet as individuals yield to Jesus and joyfully obey God’s commands
the Salt & Light of Jesus can have an impact on families, communities, cities, and even entire nations!