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Leading Bible Discoveries (#2 Bible Discovery is Today’s Passage)

Discovery 2: Discover God’s Truth for Today

Read the Bible Passage

Read the passage from the Bible. If possible, have a Bible and read from the Bible. A Coach or a player with a strong voice can read the passage.

Story Teach the Bible Passage (or have players act out the Bible History)

Teach the Passage with Passion! Remember this biblical truth is the most important truth these children will ever hear. This is God’s Holy Word. Ask God to powerfully speak through you!

Teach the Passage with Enthusiasm! If the passage says someone shouted, then SHOUT! If the passage says someone was afraid, then be afraid. Have fun.

Expect Children to Listen! Remind each child to listen closely reminding them that God wants them to listen and discover the truth to put into practice in their life.  

Story Teach is used to summarize the passage by putting the passage into a story format with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Emphasize: Where, Who, and What. (You can also have players act out the Bible History).

  1. Where are the people (in the city, in the villages, in the wilderness, or on the sea) describe the scene.

  2. Who are the people (names, ages, family relationships brother, father, what do we know about them: David was a shepherd).

  3. What Happened? This is the most important part of the StoryTeach! Explain the “Choice” and “Result” as that helps the children discover the “One Main Truth.”

One Main Truth Discovered in the “Choice” and “Result

  • Emphasize the choice(s) someone made.

  • Emphasize the result of the choice.

  • Example: Adam and Eve made a choice to sin, the result was that they were removed from the Garden of Eden. The One Main Truth becomes clear: If I choose to sin, the result will be discipline or punishment. 

The One Main Truth is listed three times on every lesson plan.
1. “Discover the Game Truth,”
2. “Discover the Bible Truth,” and
3. “Discover the Life Truth”
Also, the memory verse is good summary of the One Main Truth.
Leaders need to help children discover, learn, and remember the One Main Truth of the passage.

At the end of each GameLife Training Session,
every child and every leader should walk away knowing the One Main Truth.


  • The One Main Truth was experienced in the Game experience

  • The One Main Truth was taught in the Bible history

  • The One Main Truth was applied in the Life questions


The One Main Truth was summarized in the Bible memory verse