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[As disciple making multiplies the group of disciples become a church]


It is important to have a “3 Church Mindset”

  1. New Church: The “empty field” where God is calling to plant a new church / new disciple making movement / new GameLife 1-2-3 Training Center.

  2. Neighbor’s Church: The “planting seeds field” and “nurturing the immature tree field” helping my neighbor’s church to: 
    Reach a Child to Engage a Family to Plant a Church.

  3. My Church: The “mature fruit bearing tree field” leading GameLife 1-2-3 at my church and always training new young leaders.  The church gathers in a variety of places. Often, in homes is the best gathering place.  


GameLife 1-2-3 Evangelism and Outreach

Some churches have their GameLife 1-2-3 time outside the normal church times and away from the location the church normally meets.


  • Lead GameLife 1-2-3 on:


    • Saturday morning or afternoon.

    • After school in the afternoon or morning (some schools are on split schedules).

    • Meet in an area where there is no church.  Use the GameLife Strategy:


Reach a Child to Engage a Family to Plant a Church


GameLife 1-2-3 Discipleship

Some churches have their GameLife 1-2-3 time on Sunday when the church gathers:

  1. Before the adult church service and then children join the adults in the main service. 

  2. After the adult church service while the adults have a time of conversation and snack.

  3. During the adult church service.

    • Children stay in the adult service during worship and then go out for GameLife 1-2-3 when the preaching starts.

    • Children go directly to a “children’s area” and start GameLife 1-2-3.


Children’s Focused
Disciple Making & Church Planting
GameLife Evangelism Outreach & Disciple Making Lessons

GameLife 1-2-3 Read & Lead: Lesson Plans


GameLife 1-2-3 Lesson Plans

  • 21 Bible Overview Lessons

  • 5 Gospel Evangelism Lessons

  • 9 Discipleship Lessons

  • 72 Book of Mark Lessons


Reach a Child to Engage a Family to Plant a Church