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Your Story:

What do we share?  Share your story as a bridge to sharing God’s story.  Your story is a powerful testimony!  People can say they do not believe in God but they cannot deny you, and your life is a living testimony to God’s grace standing right in front of them. Simply share what your life was like before you received the grace freely offered by Jesus and what your life is like now.  Some individuals share the Gospel, God’s Story of Grace, during their testimony, some share God’s Story after sharing their story.


Important: After sharing your story immediately ask this question, “Do you have a story like that?” (pray God stirs the person’s heart).

If they answer yes, this is a “Green Light,” then ask them to share their Christian testimony.

If they answer no, ask them if you can share with them God’s Story (if they respond positively they are now a “Green Light.” If they respond “no,” but still would like to explore knowing God, they are a “yellow light.” If they respond “no,” and do not want to hear anymore, they are a “red light.”  

In all responses pray for the individual and follow up to the next step in the “Four Fields.”


There are many methods to share GOD’S STORY.  Here is one called the 3 Circles (with adults you draw out a picture; with children, we use simple hand motions to share God’s Story, we call this “Creation to Christ Hand Motions.”



God’s Story: Creation to Christ

After sharing God’s story ask the individual where they believe they are today. 

Are they close to God, living in close relationship with God through Jesus their Savior?

Ask them if they would like to learn more about God and God’s heart to reach the lost, the least and the unloved. 

Are they far from God in that state of “brokenness?”

Ask them if they would like to know how they can have a relationship with God through Jesus’ sacrifice, not what they have done, but what Jesus has done for them.

Lead in prayer.


God’s Story: Creation to Christ – The Gospel

What other ways have you shared the Gospel? 

(For children we use Creation to Christ Hand Motions – illustrated later in this training guide.)