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Training Session Four

Start a Disciple Making Movement to Help Reach Two Billion Children: Start a Movement “Making Disciples / Planting Churches” 




Session Four Overview: 

1. Experience: Heart Preparation

2. Discovery: Study Points 

3. Connection: Practice to Teach Others



1. Experience: Heart Preparation

    • Prayer of Yielding My Will “Whatever It Takes”

    • Question: What are the qualifications to teach the Bible or disciple an individual or plant a new church?

    • Memorize the Parable: “Mustard Seed & Leaven” (illustrates “Multiplication”)

    • Memorize the Stories: “Long Stairway” and “Rescue Centers”

    • Verse & Truth

    • God bears the fruit through a yielded to Jesus life.  God rewards faithfulness over a little.

    • Matthew 25:21 “His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’ “


2. Discovery: Study Points


    • “Long Stairway” The 1st Next Step is always Fast & Pray

    • “Rescue Centers” Remember to Keep it Simple: Save the Lost and Train New Workers


3. Connection: Practice to Teach Others

    • Tools Needed

        • Prayer Journal: Fast & Pray asking God to show you the empty fields that need a Mango Tree

        • Calendar:

          • Weekly Calendar: My Church times, Neighbor’s Church times –help with the “training cycle” at your neighbor’s church to grow their own GameLife 1-2-3 Training Center,  and New Church times (Fast & Pray Mondays)

          • Year Calendar:  Easter Outreach, School Break Outreach, Christmas Outreach (Ideal Times for training and outreaches: often we focus on our own church “My Church” at this time, but this is the best time to focus on the “New Church” empty field).

        • GameLife 1-2-3 Lesson Plans: Website:  Free lessons online on Facebook simply type into the search bar:  #GameLife123, and by email

    • Faith and Obedience Challenge


        • First Next Step:

          • Fast & Pray Seeking God’s Calling
            • Where is God calling you to serve?  See the 5 Levels of Disciple Making / Church Planting.  
              • Sower, Grower, Fruit Multiplier, Orchard Overseer, Forest Evangelist 
            • Who is God calling you to serve?  


    • Prayer of Commitment