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Why Stories to Train Adults?

Good Question.  Answer:  God teaches through stories and parables.  In the GameLife 1-2-3 training our “training method” is part of our “training message.”  As a future trainer, you must allow your student to “experience” the truth through something familiar like a story or a game, then it is very easy to teach your student the “new truth.”  

Also, stories and our GameLife 1-2-3 game experiences are easy to remember and if something is easy to remember it is easy to multiply.  



Simple Things Multiply



Our training method is part of our training message. People will teach others the way they were taught. We would prefer to be with you and have you experience the GameLife 1-2-3 game experiences live and in person. The next best method is an easy to remember story. When you are finished with the four-session training you do not need to remember all these words you are reading, you simply need to remember the stories, by remembering the stories you will be able to remember the principles the stories represent, and you will be able to train others!!!

Read the story “Car Factory” then memorize the story, tell someone the story and watch how quickly they experience an “Aha Moment” when the truth becomes so clear.  Most people respond “Oh, now I understand!”  Ask them to tell back the story to you, not only will they be able to tell you the story — they will be able to tell you the principle the story represents.  That is GameLife teaching!!!

If you can remember the story “Car Factory” you are well on your way to understanding why training children should be one of the top priorities and a foundation for every church.