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Simply follow these steps to get started.  Read through each section. Very Important!  Please read through the sessions in order, in sequence, Session One and then, Session Two, and then, Session Three, and then, Session Four.  Why? Each session builds on the foundation from the previous session.  Here is the order and overview:




    • Clear explanation of GameLife 1-2-3 and inspiring stories and facts about the importance of reaching children. 

    • Weekly Accountability Scorecard for Abiding in Christ

Training Session One

Learn the major difference between Adult Disciple Making & Evangelism and Children’s Disciple Making & Evangelism. (They are very different).  Learn how GameLife 1-2-3 trains children focusing on children’s unique learning styles: concrete thinkers, audio, visual, and full-body active-engagement using our GameLife 1-2-3 experiential games.


Training Session Two 

Learn what is the best way to use GameLife 1-2-3 for your field: Evangelism Outreaches to bring in more children and families to your church, Disciple Making for all our children, Church Planting into unreached areas of our community, or, all of these ways.


Training Session Three

Learn to lead GameLife 1-2-3.  Step by step you will learn the skills to lead children’s disciple making with confidence regardless if there are 4 children or 204 children.

      • 1 Game Experience

      • 2 Bible Discoveries

      • 3 Life Connections

Training Session Four

Be challenged to Fast & Pray asking God where to launch a movement to reach every area within your region and beyond.



Attached GameLife 1-2-3 Lessons

All GameLife 1-2-3 lessons in the simple format can be translated into almost every language.
Available online and Facebook Groups #GameLife123 “Any” Language

(If you cannot find your language please email

    • Evangelism Outreach Lessons

    • Disciple Making Lessons

    • Book of Mark Lessons

    • Bible Overview Lessons with 21 Visuals