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Accountability Questions for Your Leadership Accountability Group
(You are encouraged to start a leadership group and meet weekly for accountability)



Life in its simplest form is “Relationship”  
Our lives have four major relationships like a bullseye or circles that go out from the center.  




1. Lordship: Your Relationship with God Abiding in Christ


    • Heart: How are you abiding in Christ and allowing Christ to abide in you?  How are you yielding to Jesus moment by moment? (Galatians 2:20, John 15).

      • Heart: Are you setting your heart to study God’s word, practicing God’s truth, and sharing/teaching/passing on God’s truth?  Ezra 7:10 “For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.”

      • Heart: Are you preparing your heart for persecution? Are you rejoicing if you are enduring persecution? Are you lifting up your brothers and sisters around the world that are suffering persecution daily for the name of Jesus?

    • Prayer: Prayer Time, Lord’s Prayer, Fast & Pray, Prayer Walking.

      • Prayer Cycle: 5 minutes each: Praise, Waiting, Asking Forgiveness, Read the Word, Asking for Others, Praying for Others, Pray God’s Word, Thanksgiving, Singing, Reflect on God’s Truth, Be Quiet and Listen for God, Praise. 

    • Word: Reading, Memorization.

      P. R. A. Y.

      • Pray: Tell God you will obey His Word.
      • Read: Read actively God’s Word.
      • Ask: What was the “choice” someone made? What was the “result” of that choice?
      • Yield: Commit your will to obey God’s instruction, following the example if it was good, and avoiding the example if it was evil.

2. Fellowship: Your Relationship with Family and Ministry Family


    • Your Family:  How did you sacrifice for your family this week?

    • Ministry Family:

      • Who is the next person God is stirring your heart to tell the Gospel?  

      • Have you made a list and are you praying for God to stir their heart to be open?

      • When was the last time you shared: Your Story, God’s Story, asked someone to tell Their Story?

      • Those that God birthed into His family, is there anyone needing to be baptized?



3. Discipleship: Your Relationship with Your Ministry Calling


    • Paul: 2 Timothy 2:2 Who is your “Paul?” We all have more to learn in our spiritual journey (if you do not have a “Paul” begin right now to ask God to bring a mature “Paul” into your life.  

    • Timothy: 2 Timothy 2:2 Who is your “Timothy” you have been blessed to bless others (if you do not have a “Timothy” begin right now to ask God to bring a young “Timothy” into your life.

    • Your Calling: Not “What are you doing?” but “Who are you becoming?”

    • Leadership Multiplication: What level of leadership is God calling you towards? See Training Session Four: Certification Levels of Disciple Making / Church Planting

    • Current Ministry: Questions? Last Week’s Ministry: What is Working? Not Working? Confusing? Missing?



4. Stewardship: Your Relationship with Time, Tools, and Resources


    • Resources: Tithe. Are you being generous with your God given blessings? 

    • Time: Wise use of your time. Weekly Schedule to fulfill the *3 Church Mindset