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How We Train Champions for Eternity - Church Planting -

Together, we can plant churches and share the Good News to children and youth

God gave the vision and the terms to describe this process while serving in India.  We had networking with Church Planting Movement leaders and we discovered the “success” of a new house church becoming a consistent meeting a place of Christians – a church – one vital essential was a “sustainable gathering.”  We found new churches planted with only adults can lose vitality and actual stop meeting within a few months.  Now! Here is the Exciting News!  God revealed that when children’s ministry was added to the house church – they were almost assured a “sustainable gathering!”  If you tell children “We will meet here every Sunday and play games!” Those children will be there every week with their friend and family members.  Parents, often moms with little 2 & 3 year olds will ask “When can my children participate in the games?”  Not only is a sustainable gathering put in place, a sustainable gathering for generations is now in place!


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