How We Train Champions for Eternity - Church Planting -

Together, we can plant churches and share the Good News to children and youth

God gave the vision and the terms to describe this process while serving in India.  We had networking with Church Planting Movement leaders and we discovered the “success” of a new house church becoming a consistent meeting a place of Christians – a church – one vital essential was a “sustainable gathering.”  We found new churches planted with only adults can lose vitality and actual stop meeting within a few months.  Now! Here is the Exciting News!  God revealed that when children’s ministry was added to the house church – they were almost assured a “sustainable gathering!”  If you tell children “We will meet here every Sunday and play games!” Those children will be there every week with their friend and family members.  Parents, often moms with little 2 & 3 year olds will ask “When can my children participate in the games?”  Not only is a sustainable gathering put in place, a sustainable gathering for generations is now in place!

The Mango Orchard Story

Are you ready to become a farmer?

A farmer? I thought this was a children’s leader training ministry?

GameLife teaches children through games and trains leaders through stories.  The “Mango Orchard Story” is a simple way to share the vision of growing children’s ministries and planting churches.

Mango Orchards = Churches

Farming Process = Church Planting

The first step in the farming process is “preparing the soil.”  The first step in church planting is “fasting & praying.”  

Fasting & Praying = Preparing the Soil

Please read the Mango Orchard Story and ask God to show you areas of growth in your “farming process/church planting.”  Also, please join us in #FastAndPrayMondays every week we seek the Lord to fulfill our calling to reach 2-billion-children every-year. 


Every-child / Every-country / Every-year

The Mango Orchard Story

Mango Tree

A starving-farmer needed to provide for his family, a good-friend told him to plant seeds in a nearby empty field. The starving-farmer had tried before and knew the soil was hard and the seeds he had planted before did not grow! The good-friend explained to him that the hard soil needs to be broken and prepared before seeds can be planted. The good-friend then gave the starving-farmer a single seed, yes, just one mango seed!

The starving-farmer planted the seed and slowly a small yet immature tree began to grow. Yet, it took a lot of time and care to keep the small tree healthy and growing. The starving-farmer almost gave up many times, but the good-friend encouraged the starving-farmer to nurture the young immature tree and to be patient. Over time, the mature tree began to bear fruit and the farmer was so joyful that he planted a Mango Orchard!

Soon, there was more fruit than the starving-farmer and his family could eat and each Mango fruit had a large seed on the inside. The now no-longer-starving-farmer felt a stir in his heart to share these seeds and how he became transformed into 1. A Soil Preparer, 2. A Seed Planter, 3. A Growth Nurturer, and now 4. A Fruit Multiplier to everyone he knew both near and far.

The Mango Orchard story is the foundation of

CFCP Children’s

Focused Church Planting

1. Soil Preparer = Fast & Pray

One would never plant a seed on concrete, in the same way,
one should never seek to minister (plant seeds) on unprepared soil. If there is no fruit – one should go back and prepare the soil through fasting & prayer.


GameLife Strategy = #FastAndPray Mondays

Isaiah 58

2. Seed Planter = Share the Gospel

There are many tools to dig into the soil to plant a seed (Gospel).
Focus on the Gospel (seed).

GameLife Strategy = #CreationToChristHandMotions

John 3:16-17

3. Growth Nurturer = Discipleship through Bible Discovery

Making a disciple takes time. Making a disciple of a child, teen, youth,
or young adult takes even more time. GameLife is fun and keeps children coming back every week, month after month, and year after year!


GameLife Strategy = #GameLife123

2 Timothy 3:16-17

4. Fruit Multiplier = Church Planter

Each believer is called to take the Salt & Light of Christ to their unique sphere of influence and to encourage everyone to be transformed into 1. A Soil Preparer, 2. A Seed Planter, 3. A Growth Nurturer, and now 4. A Fruit Multiplier to everyone he knew both near and far.


GameLife Strategy = #49Mountains

Matthew 28:18-20

Start Today

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