Children’s Ministry Plants a New Church

Children’s Ministry Plants a New Church

Can Children’s Ministry Plant a Church?
Yes!!!  Watch the Video Above

This village in a remote area in Colombia South America did not have a church nearby.  By God’s grace our trainers implemented the GameLife 1-2-3 Strategy:  Reach a Child to Engage a Family to Plant a Church!!!

  1. In the Video at 5 seconds to 8 seconds:  Reach a Child — see the children playing the GameLife games on the dirt street.

  2. In the Video at 10 seconds to 14 seconds:  Engage a Family — see the dads and moms in the background outside the home in a Bible Discovery for adults.

  3. In the Video at 1 seconds to till the end:  Plant a Church — see the the 25+ souls that make up this new church plant!!! (how many souls did you count?)

  4. In the Video at 1 second till the end: New Leaders Trained — see the youth and young adults being trained to share the Gospel and lead the weekly GameLife 1-2-3 Bible Discovery for Children.


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