Ask For God’s Wisdom

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Ask For God’s Wisdom / 1 Kings 3:3-15

One Main Truth: God will give wisdom to those who ask, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom 

“Are you ready for the Joy of Discovery? Unlock the One Main Truth: It’s an adventure in the Game, a revelation in the Bible, and it will transform your Life. Let’s take one step closer to becoming a Champion for Eternity!”

In the Game: “Facing Challenges Alone Appears Impossible”
In the Bible: “To Lead a Nation Solomon First Asked for God’s Wisdom to Lead a Nation”
In Your Life: “When we are Leading We Should First Ask for God’s Wisdom to Lead Wisely”

1 GAME EXPERIENCE: Too Many Choices

  1. Instruct all the children to remove their shoes and place them in a pile at a distance.
  2. Shuffle the shoes in the pile to increase the challenge.
  3. Blindfold the first child and position them at a starting point, facing the shoe pile. If there are more than 10 children, divide them into two groups: Group A and Group B. Have two children from each group simultaneously search for their shoes while blindfolded.
  4. Carefully turn the child in a circle 3 times, then ask if the child wants to try to complete the task on their own or ask a leader to guide them.  
  5. [Note, If a child says they want to try on their own, allow them to try, most will not even walk in the right direction, Explain that you will now guide them].
  6. With a leader to guide, the first child should carefully walk to the pile, with the help of the guide, feel around, and locate their own shoes. Once the child finds their shoes, the leader guide assists the child in putting the shoes on while blindfolded.
  7. After putting on the shoes, the child can take off the blindfold and run back to their team.  The next player in line is then blindfolded.
  8. Keep playing until all the children have their shoes. 

2 BIBLE DISCOVERIES: Gospel & Truth - 1 Kings 3:3-15

Location: Jerusalem Date: During the reign of King Solomon People: King Solomon, God In the heart of Jerusalem, during the reign of wise King Solomon, a wonderful thing happened. Solomon was known for his wisdom and desire to lead his people well. One night, in the city of David, God’s presence was over the city, and His eyes were upon Solomon in the royal palace. King Solomon’s heart was open and seeking guidance in ruling the kingdom of Israel.

THE CHOICE  (1 Kings 3:5-9)
In the evening, when Solomon lay down to sleep, God appeared to him in a dream. In this dream, he found himself standing before the Almighty God. As God spoke His voice with power and softness of love He asked, “What shall I give you?” Solomon’s heart began to pound. (Children how would you feel if you heard God’s voice speaking to you? Children put both hands over your heart and lightly have them go in and out. Do you think that is how Solomon’s heart acted?)In the quietness of the night, in God’s presence, Solomon thought about his choices. He then asked God to “Give your servant an understanding mind to govern your people, that I may discern between good and evil, for who is able to govern this your great people?” At this moment, Solomon’s choice was not merely about what he could get from God, power, and riches. personal gain, but about leading his people with a love for God and doing good, seeking what is best for his people. He recognized the big task and sought wisdom to lead the people.In the dream, Solomon’s choice pleased God. God then told him “Because you have not asked for yourself long life or riches or the life of your enemies, but have asked for an understanding heart to know what is right and wrong, I will give you a wise and understanding heart”.

THE CONSEQUENCE  (1 Kings 3:10-15)
Solomon’s choice was an important result for him and the nation. God not only granted him the wisdom he asked for but also showered him with blessings beyond measure. Because of wisdom, his decisions were always fair and just, drawing admiration from his people and neighboring nations alike. Solomon’s kingdom grew, and the people lived with riches and peace. The outcome of Solomon’s choice wasn’t just personal success; it extended to the entire nation. His wisdom allowed him to solve hard problems, and conflicts and to lead with honor.

In the end, the story of Solomon’s choice serves as a shining light of hope and a lesson in making decisions that follow God’s heart. It teaches us that seeking wisdom and choosing to live a good, holy, and kind life over personal gain leads to blessings that touch not only our lives but the lives of those around us.

3 LIFE CONNECTIONS: Connecting Jesus to Every Child

(1) The One Main Truth Planted in MY HEART, Growing MY ATTITUDE

POWER WORDS:  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  Proverbs 1:7

(2) The One Main Truth Rooted in MY MIND, Leading MY CHOICES



Game Questions:

  • Explain that there are so many choices in life. If we try to make those choices without God’s wisdom it is like trying to find our shoes in those two big piles
  • How does the game reflect decision-making? Can you think of a situation where incomplete information might complicate choices?
    Boys & girls, that sounds a lot like what we just discovered in the Bible!”

Bible Questions:

    • Why did Solomon request wisdom from God? What does this reveal about seeking guidance and wisdom in life?
    • How did God respond to Solomon’s plea for wisdom? What insight does this offer into God’s character?
    • How does the verse “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” align with Solomon’s story? What does fearing the Lord mean to you?

    Life Questions:

    • Have you encountered a situation demanding a vital decision? How did you seek wisdom in that moment?
    • How does seeking wisdom from God relate to daily life? Can you recall a time when relying on God’s wisdom helped you face a challenge?

    (3) The One Main Truth Today Committed in MY SOUL, Inspiring MY ACTIONS

    POWER PRAYER: Repeat After Me “God please give me wisdom to make the right choices and to help those around me. Holy Spirit help me to rely on You every moment of the day. God, please give me wisdom right now for this situation…
    *Let’s be still and quiet, opening your heart to hear God’s whisper*
    (Coach, wait at least 14 seconds, allowing God to connect to every child)
    God, remind me to always ask you first for wisdom. “

    Ask the children what is their favorite worship song and then sing several worship songs with Strong & Powerful Worship Motions
    (Click here for worship songs
    “GameLife Strong & Powerful Worship Motions”)

    Now, remember to share this truth,
    practice this truth, and bring a friend back with you! Boys and girls, let’s go out as the
    “Champions for Eternity” that God expects us to become!

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